"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today"

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

No matter what field you’re in, the principles of coaching remain the same. We are specialists in coaching and counselling for coaches, and would like to show you how coaching and/or counselling can benefit both you and your business.

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So what's this all about then?

The Communication Trilogy

Three parts of the counselling - Communication Skills in Action, Mentoring and Advanced Skills. Listen here to learn more.

Communication Skills in Action

Communication skills in action will take you through initial rapport building skills, how to set up your practice, professional jargon, tools of trade and much more...

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Would you like to learn from somebody who knows the ropes? Has been a student just like you? Has worked in a variety of fields that you may not have experienced yet. Facilitated practice groups, skills in action and day events.

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Advanced Skills in Action

Advanced skills in action will take you from a day of discovery through to starting up your own counselling practice and working through how money really does matter to you or does it?

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