Follow On From The 'Starting Your Successful Business' Event

Do YOU know the difference between reading something and doing something?

Participants at the event last Sunday “Starting Your Successful Business” realised that it’s not all about the nuts and bolts, or the specific steps you need to actually start any business. It’s all about the ‘Ws’…

● Why am I wanting to start?
● Who am I really?
● When is the right time?
● What do I know, think I know, know that I know?
● Which therapy do I use and when?

During the day specific exercises were presented and participants learned a substantial amount.  This included areas of their lives they did not necessarily consider relevant to starting their own businesses.

Participating, writing down, building those neuro pathways in the brain that enhance memory based on doing, moving around the room, meeting others on the journey and practising (just a little).

These were all an important part of the journey for the day.  Even in the breaks mandatory choices of health food (not always) brought people together in a fun way, relating to other like-minded people and networking which is so vital when building a business.

After Sunday, what I learned again was how valuable ongoing professional development is. I am designing workshops where people will delve deeper into some of those specific therapies, beyond the S.I.A. workshops (Skills In Action) which are only 2 hours a month.

These workshops will take you on a developmental journey with only FOUR people per group.  Participants will delve deeper into the intricacies of techniques and specific therapies around a 12 to 15 week course. I’m fine-tuning these right now!

Smaller group programs will enhance experiences that are different between reading and doing. When all senses are involved you will learn how to use your conceptual representation centre together with those other:

● Visual
● Auditory
● Kinaesthetic
● Olfactory
● Gustatory

For those who would like to discuss where they’re at or what ongoing professional development can enhance their journeys, click HERE where you can book in for a session just on that.
Alternatively, get in touch via email –

Below is a small snippet from the event to give you a very brief idea of what went on:

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