Counselling From The Car With Kathleen

As you read this I’m holidaying in New Zealand!

What a send-off!  There were lots of delays and dramas with the flight cancelled and us having to be diverted to Sydney,
wait an hour or two and then onto the beautiful New Zealand.

But we made it and isn’t that what life is all about?

Delays, diversions and challenges are all good opportunities to strengthen our character – some would say.

The plan was to take as much filming footage as possible, share it with everybody back home or wherever each and everyone who is following me resides or watches or views


Not to be.

Not in a different country anyway.  Sorry!

The new Plan:  

As I travel around with a colleague in my team, I will discuss areas of counselling that are personal and private – areas I said, not particular clients’ stories; situations that have been shared in my working experience and now may help or guide, support, share with others or inspire.  

Occasionally I will take photos of the countryside or something that I consider significant.

Maybe there will be a particular amazing part of the natural habitat of the North Island to share.

Maybe there will be a particular flavour of ice cream, cheese, wine …………. Wait for it.

Just keep a look out when I get back and in the meantime….

Here is some more information about the V.I.P. Group Sessions starting upon my return.

KC Consulting VIP Coaching Session Flyer




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