CBT Techniques

How do you incorporate these in a counselling session?
Below you’ll view some example segments from a training session for counsellors however
these can also be useful within your own families.

Last week we held the final of the S.I.A. (Skills In Action) which have been superseded by the
V.I.P Coaching Sessions (Click here for the flyer).

Many expressed regrets at missing this event and requested information pertaining to the topic
CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). 

CBT is quite proactive and stretches beyond PCT (Person Centred Therapy).
It takes on the role of a teacher, consultant, advisor, devil’s advocate, supporter, role model,
encourager, facilitator with counselling and coaching.

These are best demonstrated visually, so watch below for some explanations around the cognitions
i.e. thoughts, ideas, images one has in response to an event…

You will note that the Schemata of the workshop centres around the beliefs, attitudes, assumptions,
expectations used to classify, interpret, evaluate, assign meaning to each event.
These sometimes were shared by others in the group…

Here’s me continuing into a little discussion on guided imagery…

Finally, here is how CBT can be played out (part of a role play session)…

Enjoy the learning and let me know how many techniques you saw in the mock session with Kate.
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