Is it a Happy New Year?


What’s the Plan?  Healthier lifestyle?  Share love with family more?  Work more?

The resolution is to not have a resolution.  That one tickled me.

The heat here in Australia affects some –  frayed nerves, impatience, struggling with lifestyles that wouldn’t ‘normally’ challenge us.  That heat somehow creates ulterior effects.

“Let’s survive for as long as possible this year!”

Yes, I know we are all going to die anyway, I was told or reminded a couple of days ago when I hesitated about doing something slightly out of my conditioning.  So that statement encouraged me to just go the extra mile and keep on going.

I watched an ABC Program at 10.45pm last week (why so late I wondered) called ‘Man Up’

The subject has been brought up in every conversation in which I have been involved since. Today I shared it with some counselling students I was assessing; just to remind them about the fragility of our fellow human beings and the importance, again, of communicating with each other.

This prompted a deep and meaningful conversation around misleading information in various forms of media.  Aren’t we here to serve one another and to make those less fortunate have lives a little easier?  Isn’t that what being part of this human family is about?  To serve others?  Not to deliberately bring others down for the benefit of what?  Themselves?

Anyway, back to Man Up.  The essence of the program was about communication and sharing so those who are vulnerable are not alone. Please watch it; it is a repeat however I did watch it again and again I was reminded about the vulnerability of our males, of any age.

Females are growing stronger and some males are not coping.  There is a prevalence of alcohol and other coping substances that are out of control.  As one male student stated today “we’re just not sure what to say anymore or how to say it; what to do or how to do it.”

The problem starts at home; it starts with the innocence of children.  We grow teenagers from the age of 2.  Behaviour programming starts with parenting and grand-parenting for those who are lucky enough.

Soon a coachee will be completing a Parenting Program and the importance of the psycho- educational factor prior to giving birth. Some say neonatal messages in the womb.

The absolute importance of counselling particularly in situations where families are not supportive or there are other reasons, is the message that I want to share.

Educate yourselves when you are relied upon by others or just rely on yourself to be safe while you walk on this planet and through your different lives.

I know I was going to share some stories about particular case studies while working at Drug-Arm so I will create a blog on just that subject so give me a few days and look out for that.  I just wanted to share what was on my mind right now.  The importance of communication and don’t ever shut another down when they’re trying to share their feelings.  However, then again, more work for the counsellors I suppose.

Please take care of those close to you, we don’t know what is going on in their lives and each and every one of us has a story, just be patient and caring enough to listen.

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