Australia Day In your own way


How did you celebrate?  Yes, it’s been all over the news is a very controversial topic.

Who’s being nationalized? Or is it naturalised?  Becoming a citizen?

Do we know the National Anthem or just pretend to say the words like a lot of people, including sports people who would look so much better if they knew the actual words?  Give them this:

What about entertainment?  Are we supposed to have a backyard barby?  Yes, backyard; don’t fit it inside the house, what about on the very small patio just outside your unit?  Does that count?  Is that the right size?  What size fits?

Travelling to a local hardware is a true Aussie experience, for example Bunnings.  Not only do you get what you want or look for ideas for what you would like; it’s a great bonding expedition for family members.

Many, many happy times have been spent at Bunnings with my granddaughter as a major destination of entertainment when I would take her out on an adventure each week to a different place.  Sometimes we chose different Bunnings.  She said once that it was her favourite place, second to Officeworks.  Oh, and playgrounds of course.

Some single people have told me it’s a great place to meet men who often are very keen to come to the rescue regarding information that eludes some of the opposite sex or even same sex.

Back to the barbeques.  What do we cook on said barby now that the world is getting more vegetarians?  Do we care, are we all health conscious?  What about Australia Day feasts?

I’ve just spent the weekend with my cousin who was brought up just like me.  We vividly remember the meat and two veg on the plate most nights.  A barby sometimes happened when we went on a family picnic.  Back in those days to have one in the backyard did not seem to evolve until the 70s.

Many, many home, gardening, living shows display barbeque cooking now and some shows have become quite competitive with their cooking.  Now who would have thought we would all, as a family, be crowded around watching master chefs in action on television? What happened to the Mickey Mouse Club?  Geez I’m really showing my age, aren’t I?

What do we say when others use terminology that is confusing?  Aussie Day slang can be hilarious for a lot of us however totally confusing and frustrating for our immigrants who try with huge difficulties sometimes to interpret.  Imagine us travelling to a different country with different lifestyles and language.  Please try to be patient when a newcomer to this language is confused.

Here are some terms that occasionally you may like to share however be gentle, be kind:

Families and how to survive them.  Are there heated conversations, particularly being the hottest part of the year?  What’s left over from Christmas – relationship challenges, drug and alcohol abuse, loneliness, anxiety, stress, loss and grief issues, remember you are not alone, KCCS is just one click away:

What about those new year resolutions?

This is like the final gasp for the year before the kids really go back to school.  The last week is a short one because of Australia Day and all is well in your world.

In the meantime, HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY however you celebrated, stay safe, stay healthy, share love.

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