After experiencing 20 years in the industry of counselling it is now time to give back some of what I have learned.  I want to help enhance the journey for those who will travel along their own paths to make humanity a more comfortable space in the lives of many.  For those who are tormented within relationships in families, careers and inside of themselves, simply sharing what is troubling them can assist. 

Just over 21 years ago now and a younger mother of 5 kids, wanting to learn more about human behaviour because of 2 divorces, the decision to choose a course in counselling to educate myself, not really intending to become a counsellor, was surprisingly interesting and a whole new world for me. 

My first work experience was as a telephone counsellor for Drug ARM (Awareness Relief Movement) so I didn’t have to actually speak in person to anyone.  I was extremely shy.   

Understanding the plight of people affected by substance misuse and their families created an avenue of HART (Home Assessment Response Team) where training of volunteers to accompany me to counsel people in their own homes which sometimes included community correctional facilities ie prison. 

The team I worked with created support groups for both people affected and separate groups for what we called significant others.  There was so much pain and suffering, taking care of myself first was in deficit. 

I was transferred to a new office in Ipswich that was closer to 5 separate prisons which would be a drop-in centre, support groups and also the design of Community Bridges Inc which helped the transition process of prisoners to the outside world, including families. 

From working in a drug and alcohol education centre to private practice was somewhat of a relief, however difficult with many past clients from that previous area.  I knew I had to escape.

That came in the form of the wide world of real estate, which was exciting, fast-paced, time-consuming and very educational. 

Weekend work was not ideal for me, having children and access visits with my youngest daughter and the others now quite independent however still wanting input in their lives.  I put out a plea to the universe to send me a 9 to 5 job of any description that did not involve weekend work. 

The Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors (AIPC) offered me a position as an education adviser and I loved working with the company with a passion. 

Becoming senior education adviser, processing workbook assessment competencies, telephone counselling students, assimilating recognition of prior learning and further study of life coaching, vocational graduate diploma, I was in my element. 

My life took a different turn and a different relationship entered my world and I moved back to my original side of Brisbane, travelled quite a bit, built a house and found another working position managing a volunteer coordinator program within the Regional Community Association Moreton Bay

Using counselling, communication skills, understanding the needs of people who wanted to give their time to services that suited their lifestyle and values, my time in the bayside was so rewarding and educational.  Breathing Space for Women was created however challenged with keeping it going. 

I continued to assess workbooks externally for AIPC and also tutored students through their understanding of the content of their assessments.

Then it came to my attention that students were asking for practise and so discussions with the support centre created an opportunity for students to come along and practise their skills and then I started more group work called Skills in Action (SIA).

A coaching course transpired around this time, travelling once, sometimes twice a month to Sydney with the innate need to learn how to guide, inspire and make a difference with people became somewhat of a challenge in a different area of business coaching. 

However, something inside of me was very determined. 

Family constellation work was a whole new world of learning for me.  Understanding the different value systems and a more esoteric journey of education. 

Enter my website: consulting in areas of coaching, counselling, assessing, facilitating, tutoring and also mentoring.

Another government initiative was created to give people the opportunity of VET (Vocational Education and Training) called Estrada College. 

Extremely popular and very fast-paced.  I became a practical assessor, where students had to achieve a unit a month and then display what they had learned in a practical component of that and I would assess them. 

KCCS (KC Consulting Systems) was designing day events at the same time – Day of Discovery; Money Matters; Starting Your Successful Business, I was determined to make it easier and more knowledgeable for others.  I simply wanted to share what I had learned otherwise why am I here?

Some 12-hour days, weekend work, loving it, however burning out, my health suffered of course.

In between 2 overseas trips and fitting exercise, yoga retreats, dietary challenges, it all came tumbling down. 

My health screamed at me in a massive way. 

Now what have I learned?

What can I possibly share with people who are challenged by communication difficulties, wanting to understand theory more, put practical components in real life or to simply share what they are experiencing with somebody more mature, or older in years who has been there and done that. 

The mentoring groups designed are not necessarily group work.  The same process can be delivered one on one, they are just less cost-effective that’s all and participants would only have me however some people prefer it and that’s ok as well. 

Who am I to judge somebody who is shy?  You’ve read my story now, it’s about what you want and how you want to do that. 

If you’re ready to make a difference in the life of just one person and that one person may be yourself, let’s start.  Or to make a difference in the lives of many because as you help make a difference, it has a ripple affect into the planet.

Life is short – let’s make a difference, please, there is enough sadness, frustration, anger, depression, anxiety, commit to making that new value to yourself.  I only wish you well.   

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  1. Cynthia Haworth on October 31, 2018 at 5:01 pm

    Thank you I enjoyed reading and all the interesting information about your busy schedule.

    I take a break every three months to the beach its recharging time. I love the sea and its a cleanser for me and now walking to clear my head it works.

    You can have a read I on

    I love to touch base with you sometime it could be my new year goal as what wonderful people Us Counsellors are we understand so much . We see through people not judgmental learning Counselling has been like mind reading only everyone just opens up. Yes you learn so much and there so much more for me to learn , and inreturn help other people. I even touch base with a friend remember what you said to me you have to be a friend to have a friend so I check how she going and check regular. Thats been great advice Kathleen. Thank you I hope and sincerely hope to see you soon, wonderful memories from College.

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