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With challenges within personal relationships and breakdown in families growing daily and pain and suffering coming from all directions, people of all ages are challenged in keeping up with internal peace and how to combat disease such as anxiety, depression, addictions they face in everyday life, at home at work at play on social media. Having a Business Coach isn’t a luxury, but a necessity your business must have.

KC Consulting Systems is a company providing Coaching, Mentoring, Consulting, Training and Advisory Services such as Tutoring, Assessing, Facilitating, Writing, Counselling. Our specialities are Business Monetisation and Work-Life Balance.

Kathleen Casagrande is the Managing Director of KCCS and is a leading practical assessor for three major colleges in Australia. Her team at KCCS have been personally selected for their extensive industry experience and skills and are members of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and International Coaching Federation (ICF) or the Association for Coaches (AFC).

KCCS provide Executive, Leadership, Performance, Business, Work-Life Balance and Business Start-up coaching using a client focused approach that ensures desired outcomes are achieved. KCCS’s Coaching, Mentoring and Advisory Services are based on integrity, trust and respect for the people we work with. All members of our team are highly skilled at building rapport and challenging individuals to achieve their goals. We provide both individual and small group coaching sessions, both within and outside organisational structures. KCCS utilises a range of industry recognised and proven tools to help our clients achieve their desired outcomes. Most of our Team have corporate backgrounds, either as managers, owners, consultants or facilitators and work to KCCS’s Coaching Practices, Ethical Standards and Code of Ethics.

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Kathleen Casagrande Qualifications

  • Diploma Professional Counselling
  • Diploma of Relationship Counselling
  • Certified Coach
  • Coaching and Consulting Authentic Mastery Level
  • Advanced Study Major Relationship & Conflict Resolution
  • Vocational Graduate Post Diploma of Counselling (Addictions; Family Therapy; Loss & Grief)
  • Certificate IV Training, Assessment & Education, Elective LL&N
  • Certificate of Membership Australian Counselling Association (Level 2)
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner
  • Australian Hypnosis Certification
  • Certificate Mental Health Social Support
  • Certificate IV in Mental Health
  • Certificate IV in Mentoring Diverse Groups
  • Certificate Reiki First/Second Degree
  • Financial Literacy Skill Set
  • Certificate Real Estate Salesperson
  • Certificate of Registration of a Business Name