April Newsletter 2020

Gosh, what a month huh?  How much can happen in isolation? 

Many moments and hours filled with introspection – what a wonderful opportunity to complete our journey of self-growth and when I say complete, this doesn’t mean it’s at the end.  What it means is that this stage of self-isolation is coming to completion in our lives.

We never, ever stop learning about ourselves – ever. 

Soon we will all be endeavoring to get back to “normal” or whatever that is perceived to be in your neck of the woods.   

And, just to add insult to injury and right when I was gloating about being finished with chemotherapy, again I’ve found out there is still more to learn.  Gosh, how much do I have to learn and what am I learning about again?

A lot of people say they don’t want to burden me with their issues when I’m going through such a journey of my own. 

I’m here to say – please, please be the reflection for others to look at people around you that you want to share your story and you are giving them permission to share their story with you. 

If you are not honest with your own life and what’s going on, in the form of minimal self-disclosure, then how on Earth are you to expect your clients to share with you that which they want to share with you except feel that they can’t because they know you are hiding something or not being honest with them. 

So, they will hide in your shadow of what you don’t appear to want to talk about. 

Yes, I know I’ve complicated it haven’t I?  Seems I do that well, however what I am trying to say is…

Share with your clients or the people in your lives YOUR reality and speak only the truth.  It’s ok to say you’re not ok however you are working towards being ok and not resisting the reality of your life. 

Anyway, I do speak more on topics in The Healing Café each Sunday at 4.30 – yes, the one on Facebook.  

Look if you don’t want to watch me or attend The Healing Café – that is fine – however if you are curious about what it is that I do go on about, I’ve shared the notes from which I refer to, in my website. 

So just go over there and have a look.  https://kcconsultingbrisbane.com.au/blog/

I think we were going to share them in “News” along with the copies of these Newsletters.

You never know some people actually like reading dated stuff and who knows?  There could be something valuable to learn from what I share. 

The Zoom sessions are fully underway now with personal counselling and coaching sessions happening. 

Some people like to record our sessions so they can watch them again and that, to me, is fine.  Why not?

Gee if somebody asks me to repeat something I’ve said a week ago, sometimes even a day ago and heaven forbid an hour ago, well I may not be able to form words around that, so recordings are a great idea. 

Now the Advanced Skills In Action session may be one that will be worth recording as well. 

That’s this Wednesday and it’s Person-Centered Therapy however if you do happen to miss it, maybe AIPC will allow you access to the recording.  No harm in asking hey.

Now here’s a little repeat of what I said last month just in case you’re experiencing déjà vu it still applies:

Alternatively, if you are not affiliated with those colleges, all is fine, I run my own business, KC Consulting Systems, and in the fortunate position of being able to share my skills privately or personally.  Just book with me and please ask for what you want or how I can be of service for you. 

Yes, life goes on and I wish each and every one of you safe times ahead.  Hold onto your own safety and well-being at a time now where trust is of the utmost. 

Take care, 



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