December Newsletter

MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS as we ease closer and closer to the beautiful new beginnings with challenging or troublesome times, maybe?

Let us please err on the safe side with our families, loved ones, in-laws, out-laws, all sorts of relationships.

Remember to be hopeful that to help heal communication with our human family, it takes all of us to be involved. 

Now, I know Christmas is what you make it and from time to time, for those who do drop into the The Healing Café  and have a look in at the craziness or the sadness or however you interpret my ravings, I’ll add the post I sent out here so if you’re not a Facebook person, you can still read what was discussed and perhaps something may resonate with you that you may like to share at some stage. 

One thing you must realize is what you see is what you get.

As you get to know me, I am a real person, yes, cancer and all.

I do have an idea how I inherited this dis ease or that it chose me for a reason.

I do know that it is an angel of a message for me about me and that if it wasn’t the “C” word, something else may have pulled me up and it could have been worse.  Who knows?

The Universe had a message for me and the only way for me to deliver this is via a destressed vessel.

Well something had to stop me in my tracks hey?

And so here I am, ready to share, ready to invest my time, energy and hopefulness for our new generation of emerging leaders.

Bring it on says “I”.

To me now is a happy time, celebrations all round.  Yes, some sadness and that is life isn’t it? 

What is perfect? 

Fitting it all in, not out of obligation, out of love.

I choose who I prefer to invest my valuable time with and it’s certainly not all about family.

Family will find me if they want.  No pressure anymore.  No obligations; only love. 

Plus, and more to the point, preparations of Christmas parties – yes more to the point and slowing down with work which on the one hand lights me up and on the other hand I do love, love, love my work. 

My message – well my ongoing message as the end of the year looms is still the same…….

I am helping heal communication with the human family by empowering the next generation of healers

Said with due love and respect only

Let’s focus now on what we are going to be doing in 2020, just for a minute – what came to your mind in that split second?

For me, the keenness to create that Counselling Skills In Action video course is unfolding and I know, I feel it, that in early, very early 2020 it will happen.  YES, YES, YES.

With support and help from those who have stepped up to help in a space that eludes me, thank you, thank you mainly for your patience. 

My body is not me.  I am a spiritual being having a human experience and I know for sure that the impact I am going to make on the world before I pass over will be important.

It is outside of me, I am a journey, a path that is beyond me.  I go to, speak with, behave near people who are meant to be in my life. 

They are the ones who are helping guide me. 

They are the ones who know me more than sometimes I think I know me.  So, thank you thank you for your reminders. 

I am very conscious of my human failings and being aware of what I must continue to do; what about you?  Shall we consider attracting dream clients in the next month?

People who are willing to invest in themselves by investing in me, make contact:

If what I speak resonates, then we need to work together.  I am real, I am raw, I am energetic even though I am learning about how I tick, I know what I can do with you via my energy via my intuition, via my experience, what I know, who I am and I am here for you.

We may never resonate and that’s ok.  I know I press buttons, I’m aware of how much I am evolving and sometimes it amazes me how much I have changed over the last few years. 

All’s good, whatever we want is meant to be. 

Loving you all in all your power and magnificence…..      ???

Kathleen C

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