Healing Cafe Message 12th January 2020

STOP      –      LISTEN      –      SLOW DOWN

Picture this – you’ve come along to meet me in a café for a coffee or something.

Mainly to catch-up, hear what I have to say and then share with me, what’s going on with you.

That’s called healing, healing at a cellular level.  In person.

In this day and age, it’s really getting tricky to achieve this.

We want to catch up with everybody – it’s physically impossible.

Wonder what we will do beyond technology – like this?

Wonder what it will be like in 10 years time.

Anyway let’s not go back there again.

Let’s talk about the here and now and what’s going on in Kath’s interpretation of life.

Gosh; what a week huh

What did we learn?  What did I learn?

Lots of people live life through presumptions – presumptions of what other people’s lives are about.

Now I know it’s because Facebook presents lots of stories like that.

However the fact of the matter is – not many people are real.

They base their presentation to the world on something they want, often not what they really are.

So about me here today.

Yes, you see Kathleen in her make-up and her wig and her clothes that are “correct”

What you don’t see is the disruption that is spread throughout my body from the top of my head where my crown chakra was split before this whole cancer journey by the removal of a malignant melanoma, sun cancer. 

Pain throughout my entire body in many many forms however predominantly in my abdomen where the chemotherapy is working on predominantly.

The affects range through my entire cellular, nervous system to the soles of my feet which are numb right now.

Whether I get feeling back, who knows.

Do I focus on all of this?  No!

Do I want it – no not really.

However – I do thank cancer for coming into my life to stop me in my tracks on the path that I was on.

It probably was self-destructive in a way. 

There was stuff I HAD TO LEARN and the only way was in stillness – quietness – peace.

Even though I was in pain which made me stuck at home. 

I had to be at home.

I had to be in my space.  My own space – with myself.

Why would I get somebody else to talk like me on my Facebook page to get more numbers?

Yes, I know it’s a business; yes I know the more the more.

I know once I have a product I can market it.

Share your credibility?

Mentors have mentors

Mentors turn into peers

Some of you may know the connection I have had with Jeffrey Slayter – he started mentoring me in a group process.

It’s not about what you know; it’s about who you know.

Things don’t necessarily have to happen fast. 

Think first, tap into your body – what is your instrument telling you. 

Trust your body – trust your OWN body.  It has the answers of what you need to do, eat, sleep enough.


OK how was my week at home you ask?

First week after chemotherapy – discovering one of my coachees did not survive her ordeal through the cancer journey.  I discovered she died last year and knew when I saw the actual date that it was the day I had my first dose the 2nd time around and my body went into toxic shock. 

That was the day she died. 

You see me present my life on Facebook. 

Lots of people know me where I am at, what I am doing.

Who my grandkids are – who want to be in my life, who don’t.

They know I am a real, passionate, raw human being.

You will get a message from me reaching out because I base my selections on who I work with on my instincts; I know you, I have known you before and I know why you are here.

Just back to the pain thing –

The pain of NOT doing what I’ve been sent here to do is and would be far greater than what I’m experiencing right now.

Last week after our Healing Café – THE MEDITATION.

No pressure as I said, however those who did participate and then watched the recording let me know – yes it made a difference. 

I totally follow – acknowledge the values of meditation.

You will notice it forms parts of my entire life.

So last MONDAY……

Sam Higgins interview with Kyle Lazich – calming and then he presented his meditation yesterday.

If you want to hear what he had to say and how he ticks, watch that interview, it’s recorded.

Tuesday you saw how Michael rescued me with fruit.

Cancelled appointments except Wednesday plummeted head-on into too much and the Universe, nicely put a STOP to that.

Smashed my mobile phone onto the ceramic tiles in the bathroom.

Carrying it everywhere.

It floored me.

My daughter guided me through the purchase of the new one on Thursday, the 9th and while I was at JBs I did invest in a microphone for my interviewing – which starts in serious tomorrow.

Now just while I touch on the 9th, I’m just going to say that day would have been my Anniversary of 38 years had Rick and I stayed together. 

Divorced 22 years now. 

So 10 years of learning a different style, different values.

One thing I definitely learned from living in an Italian family was the massive massive FAMILY VALUES.

I was given the opportunity to be involved in extreme wealth, I understood how it all happened. 

How family stick together; how family makes a difference.

My mother-in-law taught me so, so much and I continue to be a student of hers.

The family predominantly from my understanding cares a massive amount in aged care. 

Facilities have high credibility and I know the reason why I was connected with that family was not an accident.

The reason for the future of why I was connected to that family 38 years ago was not formulated in my biology YET.

They may form part of the future.

Maybe not them; maybe my grandchildren.

I’m looking forward to the future because I know our children are our future.

More about that down the track.

First thing Friday morning I spoke with a girl in Denver that’s in the Rocky Mountains.  I booked a half hour call; she gave me an hour and a half of a snap-shot of what my business – that is my digital business could look like.

I presented to her as a nurturer, healer, educator, writer with a bit on website, social media, realising that I cannot do all this on my own.

The reminder about delegating came home; work as a team.

I am not a solo-preneur – that’s just crazy.

Tried that, didn’t work – my body let me know.

I do not want to be the ‘sacrificial lamb of servitude service’  I need my business work to support my energy.

A done-for-you-funnel was recommended and I get that.

I get it Ingrid Arna – I TOTALLY GET IT.

I am not procrastinating.

My biology is figuring out what is that I want.

Look everybody knows me.

They know enough about me to know my age, my experience; what the hell has happened in my life, the affects.

What they may not know is what my dreams really are.

Emily on Friday asked me what my desires were.

I love asking people that and then all of a sudden the coach became the coachee.

The message here is to always be honest with your clients, who become often your friends because you share so much.

The problem is you MUST BE HONEST.


My first OF 5 BY THE WAY dreams/goals/desires/plan is to create somehow a

  1. TRAINING CENTRE FOR HEALERS (including counsellors)

I witness so many people who study, great, more courses. 

I will not put any RTO’s down for a minute.  The courses are valuable for those who want to learn more.

What I’m going to say now will disrupt some of you.


Again, I cannot do this on my own. 

How can I best serve?

What is possible?

I know I have to change direction.

I will achieve the COUNSELLING SKILLS IN ACTION VIDEO COURSE even if it means the “Done for You Program”

I’m aware I get distracted.

I know I need a team.

It’s finding them.

I’m in a fortunate position of being invited to speak in front of people where I know those people who will help me will be. 

I will know who they are based on how they present and what they present.

Being fully aware of delegating for health’s sake.

In order for me to get what I want, I need to find out what it is that those others want and then it’s a win/win

Some would say:


I am here for a reason.

NOW may not be the right time yet it is definitely the right time for me.

I honour my body, my health, my higher intuition. 

What I have learned is to forgive

What can I share – communication skills via anywhere that trusts my message.

How can I best serve – through healers – interviewing them

What is possible? – EVERYTHING – WITH LOVE.




  • Jeremy Hunter

Thank you for being here at the Healing Café.

I will see you next week same place, same time and online. 

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