Healing Cafe Message 15th December 2019 (with seperate meditation)

No, this does not mean I am copping out of the Live Video.

What this does mean is that I am not going to front up Live for the preview or this reminder of TOPICS ok.

2nd day of chemo is a challenge; don’t want to wear a wig, don’t want to wear makeup, clothes, wake up, nothing, so tired.    

By Sunday 4.30 I will be fine – I promise – I will be there, with bells on, or some little healing sticks that have been blessed by 7 monks in Thailand, thank you again Riki. 

Now first of all, I would like to apologize, based on feedback given about how I do run our Healing Café.

When this avenue was first invented it was because of a suggestion for us all to come together once a week and share topics.

Now I know it is one-sided however this venue is all we can manage with the sheer numbers of us spread all over Brisbane and beyond. 

What the feedback was about? 

How I identify people and information about them that they may not like when I notice their arrival in the Café. 

My sincere apologies. 

As if I am in a Café and somebody walks in, I will acknowledge your presence however I will NOT in future discuss who, how, where, what attachment I have to you OK. 

That is private and I of all people need to just use the gaffa tape in this situation. 

I will NOT respond to a statement that somebody makes until after our session via text only – NO SPOKEN WORDS

I promise and my intention was not to be unkind, delivering messages outside of what people want, I’m aware it does get confusing to respond to a person’s comment out of the timeframe of when it is written. ……  sorry. 

Now regarding TOPICS for this week:


New Year Resolutions – who’s in?  Who thinks they’re a load of………..B***S###?  One of mine is about health (of course) and with my oncologist giving me a great reading this time, I’m very confident of having that as a new year resolution next year. 

The other one of mine is that Counselling Skills In Action Video Course coming to fruition. 

Thirdly family; not a resolution.  Probably a resolution to allow them to grow into their own characters, personalities, without influence from their Mother. 

What are yours?  Only if you want to.  I won’t say them out loud, I promise.  Others will read them in this text or Comments.

Planning – who plans to the extreme? 

My entire life – business, health, family visits, events are all planned. 

That is the focus – I don’t lapse, what I don’t consume. 

I know why I do what I do, I know the emotional connections. 

I’m fully aware of the risks – my life is worth it. 

If you want to explore that avenue for yourself, choose somebody who has been there. 

Knows the pitfalls, just will know intuitively. 

People who have already worked with me know, they know what I know that which they may have forgotten and realize then by what is shared. 

Sometimes with setting my alarm on my mobile for planning.  This appointment was set a half hour prior with a message to re-read and prepare.   

Yeah, I know I’m a night-owl and did in fact write this last night, set the alarm to post this morning – so there.

Health foods – for the soul.  Who needs them? 

Everybody – especially at this time of the year. 

If anybody would like to know what I make my smoothies with or about my health regime, just ask. 

I don’t mind sharing contents of my green smoothies. 

However, trust me when I say this, predominantly I put in what my intuition guides me, based on what I have bought of course.

Family holidays – I listened into Friday morning’s ABC 612 AM – Conversations with Richard Fidler – it was hilarious because a lot of it mirrored my own childhood.  Who else relates?

Have a listen if you can here:  https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/conversations/summer-holidays-2019/11776258

Gifting at Christmas time – who buys lavishly?  Who re-gifts?  Who allows the receiver to choose?  What about Secret Santas?  What about food as gifts?  Food parcels?  What about back-scratchers for Alice?  Whoops name-calling – sorry.  “Food for thought”

The volcano – White Island, Whakatane – New Zealand – a long road to recovery – first responders, victims, families, the horror of what the survivors are facing with medical conditions ongoing; horrors of those who missed death and survived only just.  How would you counsel these – is there any healing from that?

Interview – With Bill Potts, outgoing President of the Queensland Law Society discussing how no-one is judging the judges.  He got caught up with traffic on the William Jolly Bridge on Friday morning with protestors. 

It was a great coincidence except I only caught the end of the interview however long enough to appreciate the content of what he did discuss.  Maybe try to streamline it on the ABC 612 again. 

He talked about how some judges have mental illnesses, some who are bullies, they’re just pulled aside and have a talking to.  So sad these are powers in justice. 

He spoke about how the criminal age of children here is 10 – what the hell?

He wants that age to rise to 14.  Some countries have it as 16. 

Kids do not grow up to be criminals by choice.  They are products of their upbringing – what he wants is to ensure they have a family life, safe, well fed and secure with families who want them.  Where do we strike the balance?

Bill Potts also stated how we need evidence-based law breakers – not just photos.

First responders cutting people out of devices, he wants more there of what they are going through when attacked by those protestors.  Again – what the hell?

And now to close……………Danielle Chapman has kindly donated a Meditation for me to read, thank you for that Dani. 

However, I will read it out separately because I timed it this morning and it will take around 15 minutes.  So, for those who would like to save it for some time later maybe while sleeping or maybe first thing in the morning or whenever you would like it as a separate entity, then I will read it out separately.

Now, whoever would like a copy of this Meditation, please contact Danielle Chapman separately through here or Danielle Chapman Art Therapy and Counselling

See you all here tomorrow – Sunday 15th December at 4.30pm


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