Healing Cafe Message 16th February 2020



Cancer visited me and tried to slow me down.


I acknowledge you Cancer in all your power and magnificence. 

I know you now.

I plan for your visit. 

I compartmentalize my appointments. 

I reduce my stress with powerful healing techniques. 

I’m on a mission, I have a goal, a dream, and then the week of the treatment began with the preparation diet on Monday, before Tuesday for the PET Scan – Positron Emission Tomography scan. 

It’s an imaging test that helps reveal how my tissues and organs are functioning and, in my case, healing. 

Well it worked; it showed up a couple of lymph node very small activity in my neck, that’s all.    

The rest of my body and all my organs are clear; yes, I am pretty well cancer free….YAY!!!   

However just to make sure, my oncologist sent me over to the Cyril Gilbert Centre where I sustained my final treatment of six; second time around, for those who didn’t know. 

Quite a journey and one which has taught me many, many lessons. 

Mainly the drive home in the pouring rain after treatment at night and then that mis-hap at the lights.  GOLLY GEE.

Don’t know if I was side-swiped by another car, a truck, a bike or what. 

Maybe the mirror just decided to flick off – no idea.  It totally disassembled itself – weird. 

On Wednesday in between those two days, I was at AIPC training counselling and coaching students through some practise sessions. 

What a day – 14 booked for the morning session, all learning super-powers with their matching and mirroring and fun all round. 

Very very important to have fun and laughter while learning. 

It can’t be all serious.  Meeting our newbies was wonderful.  People who have just enrolled and eager to learn from the get-go – how courageous – how inspiring. 

Off to Sullivan Nicolaides & Musgrave to sort the blood for the Thursday oncologist meeting, then home to sleep for 2 hours before returning to the college that night in the teaming rain.

The other 3 participants who braved the trip all agreed that the personalized process was so much better. 

I agree actually, we were able to identify more details as they presented in the counselling room. 

It was quite intimate with many deep understandings revealed.

Those that would not be noticed amongst the crowd. 

Those smaller groups work so, so much better. 


No, we won’t re-hash; we have opportunities for discussion and feedback and thank you for all of those who do.

What I would like to touch on again though is the ………….

BWIB EVENT – Bayside Women in Business – on Thursday 20th February, just happens to be my granddaughter Lucia’s 11th birthday. 

She lives in Cairns though and will still talk with her for sure.

The gift has been sent and hidden; she is not to open it before the day – that is the tradition.  Well it’s another one of Grandmas crazy traditions; I carry dear to my heart. 

I will have to go back to Mazda to have that side-mirror fitted, appointment in the evening, so kind for them to adapt to my needs and time-frame.

The development of the BWIB event is evolving beautifully. 

I have found some great information that I will be sharing about:


I’ve found it’s always best to write a program a few days prior to get into the whole feel and intuit what it will be about when I am not focused on other avenues – who else has found that?

If I find myself developing a program too early, I’m rarely satisfied, and I forget content. 

It needs to be fresh, new, on the spot and then I can adapt it to the audience based on the bookings and who will be there. 

It is not too late to offer your friends or ladies in your world who may not know about BWIB and would dearly like to participate – PLEASE INVITE THEM. 

Membership is recommended however not mandatory to have the opportunity of attending. 

COACHING – I MUST SAY – I really do get so excited when I see my coachees forging ahead in their own unique ways.

Our art therapist; our Aftercare worker running programs; our children’s contact centre supervisor; our HeartMath healer and energy healers; Men’s Connection groups; Mental Health providers of teenage boys; Narrative Therapist; PTSD support groups; writing retreats; rock n roll dancing instructor; disability support even when in a wheel chair; Family Constellations; yoga groups even in chairs; Children Safety Officer in far north Queensland; regional group development taking off – please. 

Continuing to assess students, taking them through Life Coaching Institute – just one this week and two next week – fully prepared and will offer guidance through the process – these are on Skype because they’re interstate. 

Love my work so much – no it is not work – it is not challenging – it brings joy to my heart and soul.

INTERVIEWS – Bookings being made.  Only the one this week (for obvious reason) and how powerful Janice Muir’s Writing retreat discussion and yes it will be on-line in less than a week.

Please make contact to book yours and show up on my couch, recorded and posted into the Interview section on my website.  

That’s where you will access more about what will be happening – find it in the Interviews on:


SPEAKING – Clearly, I do not have a problem with this.

When I was young, there was no way I would ever speak in class, act where my voice would be heard and even through my teenage years, I was the quiet one, the deep thinker as people would describe me.

I didn’t say much in my marriages however was very frustrated with the process of what I thought was not the right way of running relationships.

Of course, I had no idea what I was doing; hence two divorces. 

Going to counselling college to learn how to speak.

Now I’m so proud to be presenting here in the Healing Café, being invited to run the workshop on Thursday for BWIB and then the ACA Chapter meeting in March.

I have also been invited to find a space, preferably in Wynnum, Manly or Lota because I need to be near the water where I can facilitate more group work opportunities.

No, being near the water is just my personal need; I won’t be teaching swimming lessons or anything like that. 

Where people want to run their workshops, counselling groups, maybe yoga, a healing centre.

A real one – who’s interested?

I am looking, I am seeking, I will find, I will – I have a vision.

Yes, I know I was developing Counselling Skills in Action video courses however what I have noticed is it is very noisy on the internet.

Who actually watches all that stuff?

Who on Earth has time?

Every day we’re overwhelmed with information – well I know I am. 

Look I’m writing it.

I see stuff I want to learn; I save it; it adds up; I get to it for a little while; something else comes through, I save it and on it goes.  When will I look at it all?

In my spare time?

What spare time is that?  I’m on a mission remember?

It’s about helping heal communication with our human families. 

Do you believe the real learning comes from personal contact?

I know I wouldn’t watch a yoga class on my computer and attempt to do it. 

There would be no alignment guidance, they can’t see you.

It’s the same with counselling and coaching.

It needs to happen in person – I feel quite strongly about this.

The people who have suffered through the fires and now the repercussions of this virus thing.

People want to talk, they want to be heard, to be actively listened to – what do you think?

Networking will be involved in that space – referrals as well – actively. 

This is definitely evolving. 

Soooooo I’m looking for a space.

I have people actively looking. 

We will find one and it will grow. 

It may be a stepping-stone but it will happen – it will.

What I want is to work with people who are like-minded, who care for our human family. 

This is what I want – who’s with me?

Please our communication skills need healing.  

Too many are dying early – even the little ones. 

Let’s formulate and visualize what this could look like for a minute.

Oh, and plants, a garden, this is necessary – we need to be grounded – don’t we?

Let’s work the PINK BUBBLE on this:  Yes, we will close with this meditation

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