Healing Cafe Message 22nd March 2020

Welcome to the Healing Café  

I am Kathleen Casagrande and I am the Managing Director of KC Consulting Systems.

Our intention here is to share positive healing messages, videos, communication with each other and the world members who are interested – particularly at this time where sad and challenging news is rampant. 

Just be aware of who you are listening to or reading.   What is their track record to be able to share news? What is their experience?  

How informed is the informant?  What is their credibility to be able to deliver information and or teach, show by example, mentor, coach, counsel whatever it is that you’re looking for?

Does that person have experience in their field?  Do they have integrity – are they real?  Who are they really?  How well do you know them? 

Now how can you be successful if who you are following is not? 

Be your own success story.  Be true to yourself.  Practise what you preach. 

Now before I start ramping it up with what I normally preach on about – well I don’t preach – some say I rant. 

What I would like to focus on is our own health – starting with our vessels – our bodies. 

What about our own immunity – people are asking me “is your immune system compromised due to chemo” – well I have been for 2 years now.  Has it stopped me from doing what I’ve been sent here to do?

No; however, I have been vigilant.  I trust myself with my choices:  Where I invest my time; how I invest my finances in healthy food.  People close to me know what I do not eat and drink now, what I avoid because it is not in my best interest to consume certain foods. 

My body is my teacher, my choice of what I eat is my medicine.  I trust my immunity; I do not feel compromised.

Now, I’m not behaving crazy, don’t get me wrong, I am mindful.  I am not driven by fear.

My grandchildren are not at risk being around me.  I do go shopping, I need fresh food, my choices, what my body is telling me.  I know and trust my choices.

My body let me know when I was consuming too much fruit, so I chose more vegetables.  Yes I do go shopping. 

The fruit shop was pretty well empty.  They need the business; those products are still growing.  They are the best thing you can put into your body. 

It’s quicker and easier to peel a banana than to open a can.  Trust me, the banana would far out-rule the vitamin content.    

Fresh tastes so much better than what comes out of a can or what you buy at a fast food outlet. 

What’s wonderful is while people are spending more time at home, they’re becoming more creative with their cooking choices. 

Yesterday while I babysat, I had the opportunity of consuming my son-in-law’s cooking and proud to say it was very yummy – thank you Nathan. 

He had time off from work because even though he competed in a triathlon the week-end before, somebody there was positive to COVID-19 so he had to be at home waiting for test results.  He’s fine by the way.  I noticed the cooking and the cleaning Nathan. 

Speaking of grandkids.  Thursday, I drove Scarlett and Enzo to Wellington Point to enjoy the vitamins from the sun and on the way in the car we had the conversation about food.

I asked them what their favorite food was.

Scarlett aged 7 said apples.  Enzo aged 3 said pears.

Wow huh – from the mouths of babes plus their Mum is totally into health food and an amazing cook for her family as well as her online presence.  Thank goodness. 

OK I hear you shouting – enough about diet; enough.  😊

Back to mental health and how this is all affecting those people who are very attracted to the doom and gloom. 

Well……..Let’s not forget the statistics around the other horrors of what’s going on in our community right now.

Remember domestic and family violence?  Remember suicidology – what about our kids, our teenagers?

What we’re trying to do as a society, as a community, is shift the level of consciousness – do you agree?

Jeffrey Slayter and Kate Chiffey Gray spoke in an online presentation quoting: “the body is your instrument.  Where is your intention or your flashlight in the doom and gloom – on fear or opportunity?”

“Where is your intention on opportunity – it is your intention to rise”

Then “How can I help?  What can I do to support you?”

Well, what can I do?  Look I’m doing it.  People are listening and I ask those who are – what is it that you want?  How can I help? 

Last Wednesday I attended the After-Care CBT session focusing on Coping Strategies and a handout of 55 were shared.  So helpful – I can read them here…………. well maybe at the end if there is time ok.  They’re just so, so simple. 

The group were asked how they coped every day.  What I shared were 3 simple strategies of first turning on the radio with music and at the moment it is 4KQ 693 in the morning, old music remembered when I was young – well younger in years than I am now. My kids if they were listening now would be rolling their eyes and groaning, however one daughter-in-law admitted she loved that music because she was brought up on it when she was a child by her mother listening to it – see – the children are listening all the time. 

Second strategy of mine – walking in the garden, watering or picking a flower or a weed in bare feet.  Hey if you don’t have a garden, they’re called pot plants people.  Watch something growing – best healing ever. 

Third strategy – yoga – preferably in a group however that’s just me.  I need the power of the group and instructions delivered and no, I don’t get too close to other people – ask them at the college – first thing I teach counsellors – no touch, no hugging, kissing, cheeks, forehead, noses, shaking hands, nothing – it’s all fine – you will survive. 

Back to yoga, do some sort of stretching every day and meditation of course.  If you don’t know by now how to do that – geeezzz  – maybe you will never know.  Sorry. 

Simple stuff just to stay sane. 

Caroline, the facilitator at After Care, reminded us of a quote: “The problem will be there in the morning and this too will pass.”

Speaking of quotes:  did you enjoy the poem of Joy’s I read out the other day?

Called “Lockdown”; wasn’t it just delightful?  I did video it, so it is in here somewhere.  Really listen to it; it’s profound. 

Focus on simple positivity – it’s so much easier and more gentle to the soul. 

Now what’s happening business wise?

First, after adding Janice Muir’s video to my website, it has been decided to postpone the book writing retreats at this stage however because Janice has a great program that will go ahead, maybe it will be better as an online forum instead.  We will work on that through the coming weeks or months. 

Yes Janice, Scott Oldfield did make a very good point when he said “use this time to revisit everything that hasn’t been done, like write that book to share your story for your own business growth.  The depth of who you are as a person – share your story.”

Kath’s challenge is…….FOCUS………

This time has happened for a reason for all of us…forced focus. 

Second, Sandy’s Kids Reunited Inc will still be happening. The North Brisbane Child Contact Service is a not for profit service specifically for disengaged families who still need visits of time with their children.  There is a safe space and Sandy will introduce you to that space through a series of videos she will be sharing on her website through the coming months.

Share the story about Scarlett and Enzo to Wellington Point and the story of split families. 

Thirdly – Yes, I will be catching up with Michael Sambolec this week. His business of Men’s Connection is way too important to be neglected.  Not that he is neglecting it, please do not hear what I am not saying. 

Life is evolving differently and unplanned for some, however our lives do go on and if it is not possible to interact personally then the gift of technology will find the way.

We do need the support of each other in a variety of different ways; remember to listen; notice; apply.

Show the magazine that came in the PO Box here.

Here’s a magazine I received through my PO Box:  titled Business trader, the heading is:  ‘Turning a disaster into a new opportunity’  Yes, it is sad that some businesses are closing down, yes it is horrible that the owners cannot think of any other way. 

Folks, there is always a way. 

We as a community have probably never experienced something so huge and yet so small in our world yet.  Or is it because our media including social media is so vigilant in informing?

Don’t get pulled or drawn into the vortex of doom and gloom, there is always another way – look for it.  If you need help for that – ask for it.  Ask for it…….

Just a couple of cancellations – NO, definitely not birthdays.

Fortunately, the predominance of my appointments are held over breakfast, lunch or dinner and most cafes love people. 

Birthday celebrations have already started.  Yay!!!!

Back to what’s real here Kath…….

The ACA Chapter meeting was.  That’s the Australian Counselling Association monthly meeting at which I was the speaker for March.  However, it will happen eventually down the track. 

Wednesday will be going ahead with the Advanced Skills in Action sessions at the college, Solution-Focused Therapy this week.  Now how apt is this huh?  We have decreased the numbers to 8 I think and those who will attend will be scrutinized carefully with a more than keen interest in attending and what is it that they want to know – really?

To be honest, what I was thinking and considering, could be recording half of the event.  The first half, when I explain what Solution Focused Therapy is, with examples.  I’m thinking this could be helpful – what do you think?

Maybe record it as a live in the Healing Café, just like this today; I will run it by Rob of course and then contemplate.

So, apologies to those who are missing out because of our numbers. 

Remember my Mum’s quote I mentioned last week?

“Just think of something else”.

Yes, think of another way, pivot as Jeff and Kate said.   

It could actually be that private session preferred.  You just never know what comes up when the Miracle Question is asked. 

Did you like Jeffrey Slayter’s miracle with John Lennon’s rendition of “Imagine” – love that song.

Give the example of the Miracle Question here.   

If time…….

Read examples within the 55 Coping Strategies here………….

And to close…….

Yes, what worked in the past may not necessarily work in the future.  There will be deeper levels of community, based on who we are and what we represent by stepping up and taking responsibility, all of us. 

To provide value and help people through this time.  Let’s create calmness.

Give nature a chance to regenerate. 

I send these notes to Tabitha and she puts them onto my website.  If you would like to read past sessions – have a look there ok. 

Looking forward to the week ahead; we will get through this; all is well in our world. 

See you all next week if not before. 

Take care. 

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