Healing Cafe Message 26th January 2020

Yes, I know it’s late, or early – depends which way you look at it.

I had to sleep off the day with my sisters.  It was our Mother’s birthday today (25th) and she would have been 99 years old had she survived her death 7 years ago. 

To me, she chose her 92nd year to go, said so to my daughter at her 90th actually. 

Family get-togethers don’t you love them.

What comes up for you?  Lots of us presume, don’t we?

Most people have no idea.  Especially about sleeping for hours and staying awake at night. 

Now, more to the point, it has been an idea of mine to post these Healing Café little (well sometimes) disclosures onto my website.  Call them blogs maybe? What does that word mean?

I ran it by Tabitha, and she agreed and has kindly also agreed to make it happen.  When?  It’s all good, it will happen in January ok.  We don’t rush those who are holding down more than one job.  Totally get that. 

It may not happen this week however it will happen eventually as will the recordings of the interviews I have been doing.

This was also decided, to post a link from my website onto Facebook for people to connect with those I interview.  Now it’s a separate way about this because of Facebook allowances of certain minutes taken to record. 

Often for no reason, those interviews could be cut short plus somebody once said to me, that what’s on Facebook is then owned by Facebook.  Not sure about the rules around websites.

I have kindly handed all of that over to Conceptual Creative who to me are the masters of that universe.  Well how can I be good at everything huh?

AND be passionately involved with the transformation of my health challenges. 

I also wanted to wait to post these notes about tomorrow and oh while I think of it, a disclosure coming…….

This does not mean that these words are read through the Healing Café experience at 4.30 on Sunday afternoon, they are merely a coverage of the basic topics that I will talk about or share.

Having said that, I did wait till after the announcements of the 2020 Australians of the Year.


Loved, loved, love the speeches and in particular the Australia’s Local HeroBernie Shakeshaft.  What a bloody hero he is huh?  Actually, brought me to tears.

Now isn’t that what it’s all about?  Local Armidale, NSW bloke said “C’mon Aussies let’s shake it up for the young Australians – our youth are our most valuable asset.  As a nation they are our future.  We don’t quit till the job is done” – wow – just wow. 

People ask me why I do what I do.

It’s all about supporting and being of service to ensure our emerging generation of healers are on track.

That’s what’s important to me.

To allow my grandchildren grow in a world that is safe with health, yes, mental health too, communicating their needs without the opinions of people who have no idea or even listen to their needs.  Pass them around from one service to another. 

I won’t rant here, just listen to Bernie Shakeshaft – he said it all.

Now about tomorrow – whoops later today.


  1. AUSTRALIA DAY – What does it mean to you?  Remember oi, oi, oi………..?? What was that about?  I can’t remember. 

Heavy hey? 

For some, just a public holiday for others.

Who will be up at 6am for the Sunrise Indigenous Session?  I might still be.  

  • Writing Retreats – come on Janice Muir, come on – come on.  And it is coming together.  We will know more after our mid-week tour down to the Gold Coast attending Jeffrey Slayter and Kate Chiffey Gray’s Mindset event.  Areas that I would not have considered writing about myself a year ago.  How we change?  How life changes us. 
  • BWIB – Speaking engagement on the 20th February.  Looking for guidance for my 2-hour presentation workshop.  What do you think business women would want to hear about?
  • Partners impacted by their loved one’s mental health challenges – yes, I know it was suggested for next week. 

I’ll just be planting seeds ok.

  • Music – the magic of healing powers – people have been asking at the college for guidance with music therapists.  I gave one of the daughter of a friend of mine.  However not sure what she does do exactly or where she goes.  If you’re reading this Vicki – support and guidance please.
  • Chemo update – onto it – on track – all’s good.  In the 3rd day – make allowances if I stumble ok.
  • Interviews – YES – there are requests. 

YES – I have asked/invited.

YES, people are going through and YES, they will be

posted up on my website with links posted into this Healing Café. 

The amazing duo Martin & Tabitha are onto it.

You healers are stepping up.  We will heal communication with our human family.

  • Evening Mindful Movement Classes – with our Juliarna Potiphar – YES, she will be interviewed and YES, we will work on AIPC Carina to be available.  Mainly for people on the opposite side of that beautiful river.  Now doesn’t that make a difference for the people who don’t drive for example.  Cycling only – what’s that about?
  • Art Therapy Workshops – wow, wow, wow and aren’t these forging ahead and together – now in the Corporate area – and why not indeed Danielle Chapman huh?
  • Men’s Connection – Your interviewing process is going to be ongoing in areas you have not even considered yet Michael Sambolec. 

You will realise your power and make sure you understand the limits of your boundaries.

That’s where I come in and that’s where I will close the topics with number 10 – you know how I like the 5’s. 

I am going to be the catalyst to remind you healers about how important it is to self-care.

You think it’s something you’ve eaten or not eaten. 

You think that it’s about the amount of sleep you’re getting or not getting.

You think it’s about genetic.

You think it’s about fitness.

You think it’s about meditation even or yoga.

You think it’s about stress.

What if it’s about all of this and none of it. 

What if it’s the luck of the draw?


Nag, nag, nag – yes, I hear you.

Have a planner – stick to it.  Plan your work and work your plan.

Your health matters – says she at 2am.

So determined to write this now.

Tomorrow is another day and my Mum said “Do not put off tomorrow what you can do today”

Not sure how that is at 1.30am.

My sisters corrected me today and said they added to mother’s message:

“Do not do today that you can easily put off to do tomorrow”

Maybe in my tired state now, I have gotten that bit wrong – correct me any sisters who have read this please. 

Mum also told me several times that we are only visitors here – meaning in this lifetime.

What a woman she was.  I will talk about her in the Healing Café and a little of her journey.

I also said I would reveal something my granddaughter discussed over our fruit the other day at Carindale however it was about my son, her Dad so best I don’t.

Will keep that little conversation about life and death aside.  I did tell her though that I was planning to be a great, great grandmother and not intending to leave any time soon.  So, she was stuck with me and she thought about that one, looked at me mindfully and then said, “oh OK”.

And on we walked around Carindale with her pretending to talk on her plastic mobile phone.

So funny the things children learn through behaviour.

Her Mum is a health/fitness coach and very organized and busy, has a high presence on Instagram, a place I rarely venture into.  Flat out with this Facebook stuff. 

Even my KC Consulting business page is in hibernation most of the time.

I will figure it all out when I grow up, I tell others.

Anyway, one of my younger clients did tell me that she loves watching Elisha Casagrande’s posts on Instagram, that she is very inspired by her early in the morning as she lays in bed flicking through her mobile watching her exercise and feels quite fit doing so. 

I say, “you go girl – one step at a time” We know we can do it if we want to – it’s a choice and a decision isn’t it?

Do you believe self-care slowly is more important?

Remember the work you do especially if someone or something triggers you means that the work you do you do on your SELF first. 

If you want to share your journey and have someone who is real –

Well caps, wigs, make-up aside – in my heart you will only get the truth as I see, hear, feel it.

Just need those extras to psychologically uplift myself at this time in my life, that’s all.

The words that tumble out affects people.

They’ve told me.

I get it – however you will not hide in the shadows of what I am hiding in because I am not hiding.

I am real – I have felt what you feel; we are all reflections of each other.  Well maybe not felt exactly like you – you know what I mean.  We all have feelings – right. 

We are human beings.

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If you want to chat – I don’t.  I might if we are together except…….

I have sessions – if you want to connect, we can find that out in 10-15 minutes.

I will choose who I work with and who I can’t. 

Trust me – I’m real.

I’M JUST BUSY – I move fast.  I continue to teach others to slow down and they continuously tell me that I am not.  I get it.  Because of my age, I am in a hurry.  I want my grandchildren safe. 

See you all later at 4.30 that’s PM in our Healing Café where you will view a very one-sided conversation and make Comments please – I will get to them eventually.

See I’m learning to slooooowwww down……….

And I’m up to Page 5 so there you go.


Kathleen aka KC. 

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