Healing Cafe Message 2nd February 2020

Gosh chemo time again and a massive hiccup right from the start.

However only one more treatment to go.

Now, Jeffrey Slayter’s event was not the massive hiccup at all.

My attending for 3 days in just the 5th day of chemo would have been, except I was determined.

That’s the problem with somebody who is so focused, dedicated and needing to forge ahead no matter what.

Yes, I know I really should be pacing myself.

I should go to bed earlier, I should be getting more sleep, I should do this and should do that.

Except remember I don’t SHOULD myself.

The event was held on the Gold Coast and wow has that place changed. 

Very few eating outlets; couldn’t find anywhere within walking distance (not that I felt like walking) providing health food. 

I was busting for something decent and probably could (see no should) have educated myself into how to order via Uber Eats. 

Haven’t gone down that road yet because I love cooking.

Just didn’t factor in my going away at any stage through my treatment. 

Anyway, I survived and back on track now.

I promise I won’t turn this into a novel, simply list the topics I will share more about tomorrow:

  1. Blue Card renewals – Working with Children Check through the Department of Justice and Attorney-General – affiliated with Kids Reunited Inc.  Will log Sandy’s interview on the website as well.  Once it is checked.
  2. VA’s – Virtual Assistants – fake or time-saving?  Does it work or does it matter?  It does to me.
  3.  Interviews – now on the website – Michael Sambolec will help with the editing process.  I still cannot believe how I did not check before sending on. 

Appointments continuing.

  • Writing retreat evolving – look at Janice Muir’s Book Writing Club through Facebook.  It’s about healing through writing and the written word.
  • Chris Seipel’s new website:  http://www.thementalhealthmentor.com/

Brilliant interview with Michael Sambolec – who listened to the whole hour of content on the YouTube video – it was gold. 

  • Juliarna Potiphar’s Evening Mindful Movement Class – check it out.  Chances are we could be expanding to “the other side”. 
  • Jeff Slayter & Kate Chiffey-Gray Entrepreneurial Mindset – 3-day event – learning heaps; lots of reminders and all over a brilliant event. 
  • Facebook grammatical terminologies – ok call me pedantic however I do feel annoyed when some people don’t check their spelling before they send.  Yeah, I know it happens, even to me and I’m saying here that I get annoyed with myself. 

Now don’t pay out on me; this is my stuff I know. 

Except please don’t say you’re going to loose something when it is lose.  Loose are when your jeans are loose when you lose weight.  Get it?

Where are we going with this not were are we going – geeezzz…..there is a difference. 

Speak English not numbers.  It’s not 4 u it’s for you.  Have we all become so lazy that we can’t even write the entire word, or have we forgotten how to? 

If it’s a case of rushing too much well, here we go again………   SLOW   DOWN   ……….. check first. 

  • Separately however along the same vein.  Please show your face in a photo so I know who you are.  People ask to be my ‘friend’ and display a flower – what the?  Or nothing.  Since when would I say yes to a nothing photo?  You are beautiful in all your power and magnificence – if you’re on FACE Book let’s see your FACE – what are you hiding?
  • Please don’t gossip – “if you have nothing nice to say; don’t say anything” – passed down from my Mother. Just like or love or laugh or display an

emotion via an emoji; don’t cause harm because karma will bite you or is it bight or maybe byte. 

See Number 10 had to be established. 

 OK I’m not perfect; I miss stuff.

Yes, my mind moves faster than my fingers typing. 

I post videos without checking first that they’ve been edited. 

We’re learning as we go; may we never ever stop.  One thing Jeff Slayter did say is how many people do we know who have died 20 years ago and still living and waiting for their funeral. 

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