Healing Cafe Message 5th January 2020


Is this a story, a narrative, a blog, an article, an expression, a journey, a message, a newsletter, a spiel, purge, will keep adding here……. how about I read this and turn it into a podcast?  Is that what a podcast is anyway?  I’m still confused. 

So many choices, options, answers, questions – what the?

Same about health and challenges, journeys, opinions, answers, suggestions, complications, what the?

Just saying:

We do all heal differently don’t we?  There’s another question to consider and not necessarily answer.

Some need support from others, not necessarily in person, just a text, message, Facebook, whatever.

Some need input from others in the form of gifts, food, body products, alcohol (well just saying), no judgements here, flowers, plants, washing, ironing, what??  and on it goes. 

Wonder why lots of people think that by giving something the problem will be made better – so is it for the giver or the receiver?  Again, just saying.

Some are self-healers – go within – a psychological journey.

Well this is ME – and yes, it is all about me – just for today.

Tomorrow, of course, will be different, when I appear with you in the Healing Café at 4.30 – 1st for the year and looking forward to your potential feedback after reading this preview. 

Bare or bear with me, just now – or it’s all good, you can simply sign off and escape this RIGHT NOW!!!


Ok – so you’re here – let me tell you about how I am really healing:

YES, I did choose the aid of medical intervention – science, blood tests, ultrasounds, CT scans, invasive and soul-destroying radical operation first performed by robotics – loved that part and hated it all at the same time. 

Just yesterday, as you saw me stretched out in comfort at the Cyril Gilbert Centre at the Greenslopes Hospital totally trusting the efficiency of the beautiful nurses there who are incredibly busy with patients and yet always, always with a smile, a joke, a story, which I love and allow every opportunity of comfort – honestly apart from the drugs, it’s a wonderful experience just being there. 

I have learned so so much about that side of life now.  I was the one who always just pushed it to one side with the internal knowing that “it would never ever happen to me”. 

Look at my life I was of mature years, did not smoke, did not drink in excess, only filtered water, did not have too many poisonous relationships however only one addiction ……..of chocolate and probably way too much sugar in my diet. 

Did exercise however not consistently – on track well what I thought was on track. 

Yoga, meditation, retreats. Aummmmm…….

And then the reality struck………….dah daaaahhhhhh……….

All in the matter of a month it took to reveal “random” cancer cells in the wash to cleanse my empty void.

“Random” cancer cells were identified and then potentially solved with a small course of chemotherapy; I thought tablets?  No oncologist says – intravenously….yeeks – first shock. 

“Will I lose my hair?” was my first question. 

So, a 6-month course of this poison eradicating not just the random cells, good cells, including my hair, my intelligence, my dignity, my body changing, face, teeth, feet, arms, creating cellulitis, lymphedema where syringes were invading my hands, arms, my entire body changing form,  my vision was affected.  What was I avoiding looking at?  What was I looking too much at?  Devices?  Naaahhhhh…………giving birth to something?  What?  Nothing’s left. 

What did I learn, what time did I have when I was sleeping, learning, discovering, crying, pining for a family that no longer wanted me – well parts of my family – not all – sorry kids.

It was all a rush-rush-rush every month a different score of cancer counts, a different outcome I thought was healing, eradicating the poison cells and when it was all over, the 6-month treatment turned into a 6-month waiting game.

Life went back to normal; yes, work, eating, late nights, no focus on that which I thought I learned – or did I give it the time? 

I was in denial for sure. 

Bought programs to help me kick-start my business; reaching out in pain and anguish and non-consolation of moving forward with my business, with my life, with my home and with my family. 

Rush, rush, rush – I want it now.  I have bills to pay – holy hell medical is not cheap, not when you choose the best. 

No, so back it came – another lesson. 

The markers showed a massive rise, cancer came back. 

Geeezzz what do I have to learn now?

Well fossick around inside your wound, your heart, your soul, Kathleen Casagrande.

Where did this start  ————-    aaahhhh there?

So, we’re not going there – except I know now. 

I know what I had to do to release those stagnant cells.


Times they are a-changing………..

Look what’s happening in our country, the fires, I could get so paranoid about all that’s said and going on and seeing things I don’t want to see or hear or feel.   

Taking on more indigenous learning – check this out when I searched the meaning of Mallacoota:


Then I was on a roll of course and searched more about where I live in Capalaba, Redlands. 


And then how about the photo of the indigenous flag shared on my page in Facebook:


 What about our emerging generation of healers – how do we counsel these people, traumatized, survivors, first responders, on-lookers – vicarious trauma and those still learning, wanting to practise. 

Are they going to be helpful if they’re victims themselves?


So about tomorrow – I will be sharing what my five spiritual helpers guided me with while near the sea. 

Because most things in my life come in fives now don’t they?  Another random question here, see?

There were and still are many, many more of you who have helped in many different ways, some know, and some do not even realise the power in your messages and I only read the positive ones, trust me.

The Healing Café posts are approved by me first and I’m honored when you do want to post – a huge thank you. 

Here are the topics mixed with some questions – yes, they don’t need answering so it’s “yeah, No” type thing.

  1. Did you like “The Invitation” by Oriah, my opening spiel last year 22.12.2019? 
  2. How was your Christmas?  Pan out as expected or planned purposely and was it successful? 
  3. My dear sister June Hempenstall was randomly called to share the 2nd half of my little holiday, a massive family healing which also included Christmas Day with parts of my kids’ presence.
  4. The man who was so gracious to gift me the week, left, after we shared Christmas with his family who I had never met in 22 years so that was pretty amazing, however planned.  
  5. An energy – healing/family constellation type personal experience with the brilliant Louise Knight.
  6. A different day, after I left Redcliffe, a different type of healing with Meaghan Gardener who demonstrated something else that will benefit counsellors from a calming perspective. 
  7. Another real experience of healing transference with Karen Prince – all of these occurred while I was at Redcliffe.  She was called upon for her real estate skills to share an inspection on a place that would have been perfect for me, except my angels reneged at the last minute and the message was:  “Kath, wrong timing”.  So, the inspection had been cancelled the day before the booked appointment. 

However, it was the perfect excuse to share fish and chips and explore our various and different businesses. 

I was a real estate agent once taking my counselling skills into the industry however now I’m more of a coach. 

Counselling served those at that time in my own way………….

So now, Coaching Counsellors predominantly however coaching healers of all sorts. 

20 years’ experience must have some benefits?

I’ve been sent here for a reason, I have not witnessed what I have seen, heard, felt for no reason.

Yes, pushy to some.

I have changed over the years, yes, I am now in a hurry to share my messages.

I see the good in you, I see what you are doing, what you are not doing.

Sometimes what you are hiding because I too did that and that’s why I see it in you.

I will call it, I will not allow you to hide in the shadow of what I don’t say – because I will say it, I will call it and it will be to the detriment of ongoing “business” or a relationship and that’s ok. 

Because I am about the truth of what I connect and with whom and what others do or don’t and it’s all fine. 

I hear your messages, I hear the self-promoting; I hear the truth; I hear the lies, I hear the fabrication – sometimes – not always. 

I too get sucked in.

I feel energetically, especially when I’m close in presence; my gut speaks – sometimes it hurts.

I feel support from many places particularly nature, trees, birds, angels. 

See I do listen to my angels, or the spiritual presence around me. 

I actually do listen, see, feel all of that.

the other day and so many messages within that for me, you may notice some as well…………..here………..  It came to my attention that interviews really are the way to go for me for my business as well.

Now I invite you to come sit with me on my lounge and talk together and prepare to be filmed as we explore in half an hour or so, your story, your business, your passion, your dream or hope for the future for yourself, for the wider community, of clients, of friends, for your family, for the people you love. 

I will call on some I know will come and I am opening this ‘invitation’ up to others to make contact with me via kathleen@kcconsultingbrisbane.com.au if you would like to share my lounge at some stage ok? 

No pressure please. 

I know some will, some won’t, and it’s all perfectly fine.  See?

Now continuing with topics:

  • Why I share with AIPC Facebook friends – well why wouldn’t I? 

That space is where I am sharing my healing with others – with like-minded people who are on the same path of learning, discovering, sharing and helping heal communication with their human families and often by empowering the emerging generation of leaders be they children or partners, friends, clients, families. 

What a space to work in as well – that’s my healing.

  1. Lastly my meditation

FORGIVENESS” – now, that was a major part of my journey and you may find it ‘interesting’ as well.  It will take around 15 minutes or so, maybe 17, depending on how I read it.  I will wait an hour though, so 6pm I will start ok. 

I just need to rest my voice for an hour and know I will wake up, because I will set my alarm. 

Can’t wait to talk, chat, explore, purge, whatever TOMORROW. 

Again, not sure how I will be and trust me, I will be prepared with the face on, maybe hair, maybe hat, who knows – we will see you all at 4.30 pm – well whoever wants to be there will be and maybe the recorded experience after, later, in a week, month, all’s good remember – it’s all in the right time-frame for you and no, this is not all about me………….maybe……


And in closing some POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS created just now by me – and in 5 of course:

  1. I release what no longer serves me.
  2. Every step I take I am getting stronger and stronger.
  3. I am a positive thinking person maintaining a positive mental attitude at all times.
  4. I am creating a deep invocation for my future.
  5. I am surrounded by love.


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