Healing Cafe Message 9th February 2020

YES, to start this afternoon Healing Café with a beautiful chant:

cehttps://w3ww.youtube.com/watch?v=zFSJw4uE3MA – 10 mins with lyrics

Deva Premal & Miten with Manose – I was fortunate enough to experience their amazing sound at the Power House on Tuesday evening.

They truly are the most beautiful musical couple spreading peace, love and harmony with their entourage of fellow musicians – thank you for your gifts to the world.

Peace and tranquility stayed with me for the rest of the week. 

All together with this beautiful rain falling we have been blessed with receiving. 

How does the weather affect your mood?

I’m psyching myself up for the week ahead.

Tuesday I’ll be going for the PET Scan – no it’s not about owning a dog or a cat, it’s actually a Positron Emission Tomography scan.  It’s an imaging test that helps reveal how my tissues and organs are functioning

Using radioactive drug tracers to show up that activity, this scan can sometimes detect disease before it shows up on other imaging tests. 

In my case it’s learning at what stage the cancer is at, where it is and if it has spread and if it is changing how my organs work. 

So that will be fun and then on Thursday I head back to my oncologist for the results and also to receive my last, hopefully, treatment of chemotherapy.

Quite a journey and one which has taught me many, many lessons. 

On Wednesday in between those two days, I am back at AIPC training counselling and coaching students through some practise sessions. 

In between, assessing a coaching student with the Life Coaching Institute via Skype. 

How far have I come from the first days of studying counselling.

That’s how I can still relate to what many are experiencing as they study and after they graduate because I have not lost my memory.

I am strong, just like my mother. 

Through the process of learning, sharing, educating, I’ve been creating those counselling skills in action videos for the program and a fellow colleague, bless him has been editing and learning a different style outside and inside of the current course. 

When I met with him the other evening, he asked me to include information about:

  • THE IMPOSTER SYNDROME – why are so many intellectuals believing they are not good enough yet?

Imposter Syndrome can be defined as a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success.  “Imposters” suffer from chronic self-doubt and a sense of intellectual fraudulence that over-ride any feelings of success or external proof of their competence.

Who suffers with this?

Why do we think we have to be perfect?

I mentioned in my response to Di Riddell how I fumbled my way through the initial stages of being a counsellor at Drug Arm after I first graduated. 

It’s true, I really didn’t know what I was doing.  Thinking I had to know all the answers, thinking I had to know how to ‘fix’ the clients. 

Then I discovered that my clients really didn’t care what qualification or what I thought I knew.  They just wanted me to listen to them so they could share their stories. 

How on Earth could I fix anybody?  I couldn’t fix myself.

What I did learn though was how to burn out with over-caring and having way too much empathy. 

That’s what I love to teach or educate and share with counsellors, carers, healers of any profession NOW – how to maintain a state of well-being. 

Another topic now:


I, personally, am not aware of time-frames because I have never identified as having a mental health challenge and have never requested to see or have an appointment with a psychologist, psychiatrist or any other professional in that frame.

I did see counsellors over the time of study and graduation though because I did not consider myself as having a neurological problem, just wanted to talk through my problems. 

When you are studying for a particular qualification, does it not make sense to see a professional in the field to get an understanding of how it all works and if that’s the area you really do want to study in and then work and share your skills?

Maybe some would disagree with me, like my kids for example, however I cannot comment on the time frame because I am not aware. 

To me, it’s like anything – you pay for what you get.

If you want a quality health professional – you pay for it. 

Somebody said to me once “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”

The more you pay, the more qualified, however I personally don’t agree with that either.

I just can’t wait to be able to have a space where we can train unlimited numbers and people from all sorts of demographics in areas of need to simply practise their craft.

It’s all good – I am so onto this. 

It really does not need to be so difficult.  There is a need in our society of healing; a massive number of clients, victims, people in pain, suffering, in need of support, to be heard.     

Next topic:

  • CARERS OF LOVED ONES WITH A MENTAL ILLNESS AND THE GRIEF THAT COMES WITH THAT – yes, this is certainly an area of massive need.

Where are the facilities?

Search for the services; find the spaces – or find those spaces within yourself.

Then create the facilities for that.

Accessing your own mental wellbeing first in order to be able to be a support to your loved ones. 

  • WHY WOMEN FEEL GUILTY TO CARE FOR THEMSELVES – like hell.  What on Earth is that about?  Dump that guilt forever; there is no way a woman needs to ever, ever feel guilty about caring for themselves.

Mandatory self-care needs to be spread more than the hideous virus that’s being spread right now. 

Self-care isn’t just about women either. 

Lots of men are guilty about paying attention to themselves and their own needs; this needs to be sorted.


I remember ten years ago the clients I saw within my counselling service chose me because I was not part of the Care Plan of a certain number of sessions that were Medicare rebatable. 

Not sure how many are available now; in those days it was six. 

Even though I am not a psychologist, my clients would always ask if I was part of Government initiatives. 

There are many clients who do not want to be a part of a system that documents that they have any mental health challenges. 

It’s not about the extra cost, it’s about accessing help and support from somebody who is not part of the Government system. 

That is all I will say about this topic. 

  • BWIB  EVENT  – content please. 

The directive is that I facilitate a 2-hour workshop at a Bayside Women in Business.

Part will be what I have discovered through the process of the journey of cancer however I have been instructed to deliver information that will be beneficial for women in business for themselves.

What would you want to learn about if you attended a workshop like this?

When I attended their networking lunch on Friday, I discovered that understanding our beliefs around what we value gives us our “why” and as Brenda quoted from Simon Sinek: 

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.  And what you do simply proves what you believe.”

So, I look forward to receiving feedback, please and then I will share with you all how it all goes. 

It’s not till the 20th though and I do need to get through next week first. 

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