January Newsletter 2020

Happy New Year

Happy Australia Day

What a month huh?

Throughout our country with devastations, natural and otherwise and continuing concern and in the industry I’m in, the concerns specifically, about mental health challenges as a result of all of this.

Human kindness is all round though, don’t you feel it?

We all plod on with our personal challenges, some health, some family, some psychological.

Who will the supporters be?

Who really cares?

Some of you, I know don’t participate in Facebook, I get it. 

It’s fast, confusing, complicated and sometimes a time-waster however dare I say while I have been pursuing my own personal battle with cancer, Facebook has certainly kept me entertained and takes my mind off ‘things’.

I created an online forum, if you like, called The Healing Café
What it does is share experiences that can be helpful in our counselling/coaching industries. 

People I have invited personally and people who have asked to join the Group come into the Café where there is no pressure to say anything at all or simply look around.

I do encourage people to post stuff though – please. 

I am going to share the content here in my newsletters anyway. 

Click here for the Notes I share the day before or the same day as I present a Live Video and if you’re interested or curious, please, please come on in – you’re all more than welcome. 

It’s sort of a safe space to discuss and to interview.

That is what I want to talk about here now…. the interviews
What I have decided is to allow other healers, therapists, counsellors, coaches, natural health people who want to discuss for about 15 minutes or so what it is that they do; why they do what they do and how they help others by doing what they do.

I do, in the process of the interview ask some tricky questions just to humanize the interviews though.

Like how we met; what is your intention for your business; how can you help, support or guide our human family/clients/healers/counsellors/coaches.

So, this is a platform where you too can present what it is that you are doing in your community to serve others.

No pressure, I have a few I am continuing with.

We have had an art therapist; men’s groups facilitator; a doctor soon and a lawyer; I.T. people, family constellation therapist; admin at a boys college; a writer, running writer’s retreats; a therapist utilizing HeartMath Technique just to name a few.

We will keep going though, there is so much to share and one thing that I do reveal in my live video this afternoon on Australia Day in the Healing Café, was my massive need to have a Training Centre for people who are either studying or graduates of counselling and coaching. 

Where else can they practise their skills – these online courses teach content and allow answers except where do they go to practise and learn skills in action live and in person with other humans?

Do you achieve a swimming certificate or a driver’s license without practise?

I run little programs, only 4 hours a month, per day, twice – once practise and one with Advanced Skills in Action and people, people who want to learn and grow….. Evolve ….

Imagine a space where we could have many modalities of practise which could include meditation space, yoga, art, music, counselling rooms, where it would be safe, maybe pets? 

That’s what I would like for people who want to help improve the life of others.

A service industry not tied up with Government funding complications.

This is a vision of mine – what is yours?  Can we help each other?  How?

The only thing is it’s going to take money – yes. I will be looking for philanthropic energies where some groups will be keen to enhance the lives of people into the workforce who will be making a difference.

Making a difference to the lives of people who are suffering now and in the future months when the reality of this massive healing will need to take place.

Watch in the Healing Café notes how I talk about just this.

It starts with a dream you know.

Naturally I am plodding along with the Counselling Skills in Action.

They are in the editing stage right now.

They will be set up in a program of sorts once I figure out who can help me in that area as well.

There are a couple of possibilities coming forth.

It’s all work hey?

It’s when you have a passion for what you do, except you simply cannot do it all.

I just want our world to be safe.  I hear people say they just want to help except don’t know how or where to start.

My wish is for my grandchildren and the other children of course to be able to grow up in a world that is safe, have good health, good food, good pure water and mentally healthy and safe.

How can we help each other without losing ourselves?



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