Louise Knight


How do I describe what I do?

I have so many tools in my toolkit and I just see where the client wants to go.

Jeff Slayter taught me to trust my intuition and I quite surprised me where we do go down the rabbit hole so to speak.

I ask for assistance from the Holy Spirit, Jesus, Mary, arch angels, angels, guides, spirits wishing to assist, passed relatives, ascended masters and light brings.

Anyone who can assist in the positive outcome for the client.

I bless the water that we drink. I don’t always tell the client that I do this, especially if it’s a new client who doesn’t know me.

As we go through the session I sometimes get messages, not often,(I did know you were going to say ‘birds’ before you said it)  but find myself seemingly off track but there’s always a reason that, whatever was said, needed to be heard.

Our session was mainly NLP, after we looked at the origins of the issue by doing some genomes of your family lineage.

The “energy work” I would call NLP holographic; this is where I tap into that feeling that the client is experiencing and find that in myself and release it in me through breathing.

We are all connected, or better put, We are all One.
As we continued through the session, I assisted you to connect with the All That Is, connecting you to that which you are already connected to, so really a remembering, using color and sound to intensify and embody the learnings that you gained (remembering’s).

There was a bit of reframing and a bit of family systems our family Constellations thrown in as well as we weaved our way through your session.

A dance really where you went from a heavy feeling to feeling light.

Thank you for allowing me to reflect on what I actually do.

Love you Louise Knight – a true healer by day, my day.  Thank you. 

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