March Newsletter 2020

My sincere apologies:  I have this sad realization that I’ve missed a month – how did that happen? 

Could it be that I have been preoccupied?  With what? 

First it was the bushfires with half our country alight or suffering from smoke inhalation.

Then, at a personal level, it was my last chemotherapy treatment which I might add was extremely difficult; more difficult than all of the others.

Understanding the why around this, I put down to stress.  This is a condition that I must avoid at all levels where I possibly can. 

Then we were all slam-dunked with the corona virus COVID-19 – what the hell?  Information bombarded at us through every avenue, there is no escape. 

Every weekend, Sunday afternoon at 4.30 for just half an hour, I share in the Facebook group, the Healing Café, day by day changes in my world and also some businesses of others.  Combining this with points of interest that may or may not be of interest to everybody is another informative venture.    

If you choose not to participate in Facebook social media and would like to read some of the information I share, the notes are on my website in News,

What is happening?  This microscopic problem that is so massive that it has affected us globally however could be what nature needs to re-charge. 

Yes, people are affected.  Yes, life does go on.  There are less interactions and yet that is what people yearn for. 

Families pulled together, however still apart………. it’s complicated.

My mission is to help heal communication within the human family and it is why I do what I do.

People do what they do based on the need within themselves to heal themselves. 

The majority of the counsellors and coaches I assess have studied because they are trying to heal themselves and in turn have the wish to heal others who are in pain for some reason or another. 

Through the week we were all told to isolate and because I had two sessions booked at the college with several students, for the Advanced Skills In Action, it was decided that I would present via Zoom. 

Yes, it was successful and so if isolation continues, I can present via Zoom, our practise sessions on the 8th April.  I know it will be tricky however I’m willing to try to figure it out, confident it will be helpful for some.

If you are a student or graduate of the AIPC (Austalian Institute of Professional Counsellors) or LCI (Life Coaching Institute) then please query how you can book into these sessions.

Alternatively, if you are not affiliated with those colleges, all is fine, I run my own business, KC Consulting Systems, and in the fortunate position of being able to share my skills privately or personally.  Just book with me and please ask for what you want or how I can be of service for you. 

Yes, life goes on and I wish each and every one of you safe times ahead.  Hold onto your own safety and well-being at a time now where trust is of the utmost. 

Take care, 



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