Meaghan Gardner

Certified Heartmath Coach & Mentor of The Heartmath Building Personal Resilience™ practical program which focuses on a combination of personal coaching and mentoring with scientifically validated tools to help self-regulate your body’s response to stress and build resilience. 

You learn life-long skills that are designed to be used anytime to increase your, well-being, personal & professional performance and quality of life experience. 

You will gain: more resilience and vitality – overall sense of well-being – mental clarity & focus – improved relationships – increased composure in challenging situations – more effective communications – better co-operation amongst co-workers and team members.

After the program people report reduced: worry and overwhelm – feeling of anxiousness – sleeplessness & fatigue – generalised stress and physical symptoms of stress – miscommunications.

How’s that?

Meaghan had me connected to an app on her phone which measured heart-rate, pulse and my calm state while I spoke about stuff; it was absolutely fascinating and can’t wait to share more when I interview her on my couch sometime soon. 

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