Student Perspective

Are you a counselling or life coaching student wanting an insight into how to develop your skills? Our tutoring, mentoring and coaching services can assist you.


Professional Development

Are you wanting to access affordable, unique and insightful information about the counselling and coaching world? Our services are for you.


Skills in Action

The counselling and coaching world is insightful and forever growing. Learn more by accessing the videos on the communication trilogy.

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A professional service providing expert advice in the areas of coaching, counselling, healing mental health challenges within paid and unpaid avenues of community services. Clarifies decision-making or direction in where to go now.


An impartial focus on improving behaviour and developing skills for tasks, challenges and performance expectations at work or life in general.


A variety of full and half-day events designed to meet the needs of students, graduates and business owners e.g. Day of Discovery, Money Matters and a suite of therapies including skills in action.


Within the framework of counselling, coaching assessments written, online and practical processes.


Supportive and experienced directions in fields where you could be attracted and meet the needs of your working life.

Business Coaching:

Returning to the workforce; mature aged personal coaching, guiding transitional and balance in business and home. Working with graduates and start-up businesses balancing what their existing career is and what they studied.


Providing professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological challenges within a clearly contracted relationship


Evaluating, estimating the nature, ability and appraising the quality of people presenting the practical component of their Diplomas of Professional Counselling, Life Coaching, Case Management.

Facilitating groups:

For people studying coaching, counselling, case management and wanting to refine their skills. Other areas of life can be negotiated.


Offering experience in the fields of counselling and coaching from a trusted compassionate directive. Advice driven and offering training in a variety of practise, self-help avenues.