As I walked out of my place this morning, I was pre-preparing the day, considering the two students of life coaching I would be assessing in their various levels of the Diploma course and to what extent would I be willing to share my knowledge and/or experience.
To be reminded about how difficult it is to hide stuff when the reality of my personality just flows.
Call it an age thing, call it hereditary from a background of NOT sharing, call it education in the field, call it whatever you like, my role here on Earth planet is to enhance communication with the human family or sometimes I say to heal communication. Whatever that means to you, what it means to me, is to be real.
For goodness sakes be REAL.
It can be exhausting to be somebody that you are not. To live a lie catches up with you. Your body will know, remember, remind you as you age – I promise you.
Do not kid yourself when what you believe is the truth, is and can be misinterpreted by many many people around you.
So today I head out, I serve the people, encourage, inspire, share knowledge, share experiences and somehow through the process they will be competent.
Competency is more than simply ticking boxes, it’s about evaluating and considering with reflection whether I truly believe this person gets it, gets the topic, gets the technique, gets the skill, gets the understanding and shows me, proves to me that they are real, that they know, that they have learned and remembered and if not, are willing to take on board that which is new or forgotten and now has it.
Yes, has it – how do I know? Is it intuitive guessing, is it a feeling, is it what they say? Sometimes less words is best. It can be distracting from the pure essence of the soul’s message.
OK that is esoteric stuff; we won’t go there in an assessment however some people do realise that my style is different. Yes, I truly endeavor to stay focused on the curriculum requirements and have been successful there however cannot help myself when I do insert extra learnings where I believe applies.
I love (said with true honesty) what I do. If I didn’t and if this process becomes a chore or just another job to me, I promise I will not be available anymore.
Through the process of the day, I learn, the students/clients learn. We all learn from each other and isn’t that what life is all about? And then we share it with others.
We cannot esteem to know it all, we may be older, more knowledgeable in particular fields, however the way we view the world is not necessarily ideal for the way our clients or those close to us view the world.
With gratitude we share, we remember and to be competent means we have it, we’re safe for another day of learning.

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