Tutoring will help get you there.

What you need is somebody who

has studied just like you.has experience in the field.is honest.can explain it in plain English.you can trust to tell her any challenges you may be experiencing.

How Tutoring will Work for You


People tell you their problems; you knew you had the ability to care and support others.

You felt confident when you decided to learn more about helping the human family.

Once you’ve completed your studies you know you will be successful.

Now there are just a few glitches that prevent you from moving forward…

There you are, working in your own business as a fully qualified counsellor.

You may prefer to use your communication skills to help heal the challenges that burden others.

Perhaps this qualification is a stepping stone to another higher degree.

When you successfully complete your course, your future unfolds.

Nearly there… you’re on the right track…


Depending where you are at in your studies, tutoring will be designed for you.

Whether you have just enrolled, half way through or on your way to graduation.

Book the first discovery or exploratory session.

Forty minutes of your time to clarify what is required.

Then proceed or that may just be enough – your choice

Tutoring is the Key

Within 60 minutes, you will be put on track! Nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Why Kathleen?

Time Management

I get it, I know you’re busy. What do you want?

Family Challenges

I get it, I know you have kids, I know they’re the reason why.


I know, I realize part of your journey will be your relationship to money.


I continue with ongoing professional development achieved with Vocational Graduate Diploma in Counselling (Addictions; Family Therapy; Loss and Grief)

What Others are Saying

Do You Need More?

A tutoring service offers a reciprocal affect; as ye give so shall ye receive.


Let’s clarify this all for you.

Just book the first discovery session and find out if we’re a match and if this suits you.

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